Things that You Must Research on When on a Condo Hunt

When looking for a condo, you must exert some effort to find the one that best suits your needs and healthy lifestyle. Condos are not like other belongings that you can do away with any time when you don’t need them anymore. And to change condos every time may not be that easy as you think. It always involves time, effort, and money to move into another condo if you are not satisfied with your existing unit.

Getting the perfect condo is not as easy as you may think. It involves a lot of planning, research, techniques, and wise decision-making. Planning can include your financial preparations and when you have not started your research yet, be careful that you will not forget any of the following essential things like how you are going to continue your healthy lifestyle in your research.

Is the Price Negotiable?

One of the most critical factors that affect the decision of clients to pursue any transaction is the price. In your research of condos that meet your standards, the price of the condo unit should be on top of the list that you should know. You should strive to know if the price is fixed or negotiable in your first business meeting with the owner.

When the price is still negotiable, then you have to master your convincing power and charm to lower the value to your asking price. If you believe you can without having someone to talk in your favor then that would be an advantage. But if you think you will be short-changed in the negotiation because you don’t have what it takes to change things to your advantage, then a third party can do that for you.

What Are the Physical Attributes?

Every individual has his own standards of a perfect condo unit. You should make sure that the particular features you demand in a condo unit are all there or you will regret it for all the time you will be staying in your new condo. What are the amenities within the building? Does it have facilities for your healthy lifestyle like a fitness gym and a swimming pool to strut your muscles or a park nearby for walking or jogging? How far is it from your workplace, from your kid’s school, or from a vegetarian restaurant? Is it serviceable by a network of roads? In your research, all of your questions should have an affirmative answer; otherwise, there may be other condo units that will have better answers to what you are looking for.

To make sure that the answers are all true, you should conduct a physical inventory on the place. Measure the floor area again to make sure that the data given are correct. An actual condo inspection is crucial because you can need your findings while negotiating for a favorable deal.

threadmillWho Should Assist You?

Who should be the third party to assist you if you don’t have the knack to persuade? It is necessary to that you be represented in the negotiation table if you do not have the knowledge and skills. Indeed, you need someone who knows the current market conditions and the required negotiation skills to be handed a competitive offer.

These three conditions should make you decide to hire a third party when looking for a condo; when you don’t have good negotiation skill, when you don’t have knowledge on home inspection and when you are not aware of current market trends. If these three does describe you, then you should include in your research on who is the best realtor out there.


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